Investment Management

We offer Personal Investment Management. Under this type of agreement we work with clients to develop and implement an investment strategy and a specific portfolio of investments. The strategy considers the client's individual objectives, time horizon, tax situation and most importantly their risk tolerance (how much risk a person is willing and able to accept).

Investment management is offered a standalone service. When an agreement for investment management is entered it is understood that advice is limited to this area. It is offered as a standalone service because some ask for it exclusively.

It is also made part of our Comprehensive Financial Planning service.

Monitor Group Investment Management | The Monitor Group

We typically discuss and set a strategy under a signed Investment Policy Statement (IPS).

We then work with the client to offer our advice and management of the investment portfolio. Many times this means consolidation of accounts - which we always approach thoughtfully and carefully. Consolidation is not a requirement of working with us - but in many cases there are clear reasons to consolidate.

We normally include any employer retirement plan accounts in the strategy - though these must (generally) stay in the plan while the client remains with their current employer. No issue. We review the investment options in detail and recommend an allocation that fits with the agreed upon strategy.

Even when employer retirement plan accounts can be "rolled over" into an IRA we review the plan information, costs and investment options before making a recommendation to roll over. It is not always recommended - especially if there are good reasons to remain in the employer plan.

The firm never acts as a custodian of client funds. We chose a qualified custodian - and that has been Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. for many, many years. In fact, our "partnership" with Schwab dates back to the firm's early years in business. We are not affiliated with Schwab, nor do we work for Schwab. Schwab is simply who we trust to custody client accounts.

Investment portfolios are made up of mutual funds and exchange traded funds (ETFs) - all of which are no-load (commission-free) investments. No investment that we recommend and/or implement pays us in any way. We are not affiliated with any particular mutual fund or investment company.

As a fee-only firm we offer the service, typically at a flat percentage of the "assets under management." The fee our clients pay is our only source of compensation - and this ensures we offer objective and fiduciary (best-interest) advice. There is no conflict of interest in the way we practice.

This type of agreement normally is ongoing since we have found that our clients generally prefer longer term relationships. Most prefer to retain us to review, monitor, manage and rebalance the portfolio over time.

We too prefer building long-term relationships. The firm has clients who date back to its early years in business - and has worked with many clients for 10+ Years.

If it sounds like we may be a fit, please call or use our Contact Form - and let's start a conversation. An initial meeting is offered at no charge for those who have a serious interest. This is normally in-person, but can be by phone - and the rate is quoted at that time.